Be A Simple Kind Of Man

“Everything aches and shines.
The sun, the moon, the stars, the sea.”

Son be a simple man

“Son” at Ribadesella (2014)


Chapter 8: ‘Blind’

I can no longer see.
I am blind to the eyes,
Strange to the hands and the way
They shaped the air for me.
Be safe.
Be brave.
Don’t hide.
Don’t lie.
Don’t fake to care when we’re both
Already blind.


Drawing by Pearse O’Higgins

*Wrote ‘Blind’ this morning and a couple of hours later found Pearse drawing at a pop-up book store in Temple Bar Square. Some things are meant to collide

Chapter 4: ‘Damaged’

I acknowledge light and hope
And fear and lost
And pain and laughter.
May the winds shake me
But never wipe me off.
May I touch your heart,
The back of your head
And cast some light.


PS: Yes, I’ve skipped Chapter 3 for now ;)


(…)The window. Open the window. There he goes in the dark, to the wall in front of him. Stumbles with a pile of tangled clothes and falls, ribs against the desk. “FUCK!” You left it there, what did you expect? I mean, how many times did you mother told you to… “Shut up, would yah?”

This is a excerpt from a short story I’m currently working on.

Sorry about your ‘wtfs’

Love, A.

Rescue Yourself

I’ve been dressing up your lies in misunderstanding silks.
Named myself dumb by omission, raised judging brows inside my skull.
That crystal palace you hide into shows a revolting victim I can no longer rescue.
You found your way around my weaknesses and made them kneel.
Call it friendship, it’s just fear.